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European Union Military Committee (EUMC)

The European Union Military Committee (EUMC)

The European Union Military Committee (EUMC) is the highest military body set up within the Council (COUNCIL DECISION of 22 January 2001) setting up the Military Committee of the European Union.

General Claudio Graziano is the permanent Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (CEUMC).

Download C.V. of General Claudio Graziano 

He has been selected by the  Chiefs of Defence (CHODs)  of the 28 EU Member States and appointed to the post by the Council. He entered his office on 6 November 2018 taking over from General Mikhail Kostarakos .

General Graziano leads the works of the EU Military Committee (EUMC) and liaises with the Presidency in the development and implementation of its work programme.

He is the military adviser to the  High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on all military matters and represents the primary Point of Contact with the Operation Commanders of the EU's military operations.  

General Graziano is the spokesman and representative of the EU Military Committee at the meetings of the  Political Security Committee (PSC). He also attends the meetings of the Council when decisions with defence implications are to be taken.


Speeches of the Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (EUMC)


The EUMC is composed of the Chiefs of Defence (CHODs) of the Member States, who are regularly represented by their permanent Military Representatives (MilReps).

The EUMC provides the Political and Security Committee (PSC) with advice and recommendations on all military matters within the EU.

Namely, in crisis management situations Upon the PSC's request, it issues an Initiating Directive to the Director General of the EUMS (DGEUMS) to draw up and present strategic military options. It evaluates the strategic military options developed by the EUMS and forwards them to the PSC together with its evaluation and military advice. On the basis of the military option selected by the Council, it authorises an Initial Planning Directive for the Operation Commander.

Based upon the EUMS evaluation, it provides advice and recommendation to the PSC:

  • on the Concept of Operations (Conops) developed by the Operation Commander,
  • on the draft Operation Plan (OPLAN) drawn up by the Operation Commander.

During an operation, the EUMC monitors the proper execution of military operations conducted under the responsibility of the Operation Commander.

The EUMC has a permanent Chairman, selected by the Chiefs of Defence of the Member States and appointed by the Council for three years.


General Robert BRIEGER

Belgium Admiral Michel Hofman

Admiral Emil EFTIMOV


Admiral Robert Hranj 


Lieutenant General Demokritos ZERVAKIS

Czech Republic General Ales Opata 
Denmark General Flemming Lentfer
Estonia Major General MARTIN HEREM

General Timo Pekka KIVINEN

France France General Thierry BURKHARD
Germany Germany General Eberhard Zorn
Greece Greece General Konstantinos Floros
Hungary Hungary Major General Romulusz RUSZIN-SZENDI
Ireland Ireland

Lieutenant General Seán Clancy

Italy Italy Admiral Giuseppe CAVO DRAGONE
Latvia Latvia Lieutenant General Leonīds Kalniņš 
Lithuania Lithuania

Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupšys



General Steve Thull

Malta Malta Brigadier Jeffrey CURMI 
The Netherlands The Netherlands


Poland Poland General Rajmund ANDRZEJCZAK
Portugal Portugal Admiral António Silva Ribeiro
Romania Romania General Daniel PETRESCU
Slovakia Slovakia General Daniel ZMEKO
Slovenia Slovenia

Major General Robert Glavaš

Spain Spain Admiral Teodoro López Calderón
Sweden Sweden General Micael Bydén 

To sign up please write to:

Lieutenat Colonel Marcelvito Danisi –
Major Enrico Della Gatta –


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