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25 - 26 February 2016: Visit of HR/VP Federica Mogherini visit to South Africa

08/07/2016 - 12:16
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On Thursday, 25th February 2016, the European Union's High Representative for the Foreign and Security Policy & Vice President of the European Commission (HRVP) Federica Mogherini participated in a panel discussion. A collaboration between the EU Delegation to SA and SAIIA. HRVP Mogherini was joined by panellists, Zane Dangor (Special Advisor to the Minister of Social Development) and Tjiurimo Hengari (Senior Research Fellow, SAIIA). Professor Adam Habib (Vice-Chancellor of WITS University) moderated the proceedings. View some of her extracts from her participation in the public panel discussion On Friday, 26th February 2016, HRVP Federica Mogherini was welcomed by the staff at the EU Delegation. The 13th South Africa - European Union Ministerial Political Dialogue meeting held at the Ministry for International Relations and Cooperation’s (DIRCO).

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