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European Armaments Cooperation Course

19/10/2018 - 16:25
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About 40 participants from almost all EDA member states, plus three from a third state (Switzerland) - and four from a non-EU organisation (OCCAR) successfully graduated from the course at the EDA on 4 October 2018.

The European Security and Defence College pursues several objectives with its European Armament Cooperation courses: networking among armament experts; knowledge of relevant organisations such as the EDA, the OCCAR and the NSPA; the specific conditions of the European Defence Market with the related armament industry; and finally, to appreciate the value of cooperation. Equipped with this expertise, EU Member States should be in a position to commonly develop and procure military capabilities for Europe, and when necessary, to deploy these capabilities together for operations and missions.

In today's world, such efforts are enormously important, since European security is challenged by numerous threats. It is in this context that the High Representative of the European Union, Ms Federica Mogherini, presented the 'European Union Global Strategy' to the Heads of State or Government of EU Member States in June 2016. This strategy is now in its implementation phase and consequently a new set of capability priorities has been derived as a base line for future European capability development. Beside processes and technical standards, the aim to close capability gaps requires well-trained and educated armament experts - experts who also appreciate the value of collaboration with their colleagues in other Member States, since cooperation is often the best way to achieve lasting results.

It is only together that we can better manage future challenges for a stronger Europe in security and defence. The Awareness Level course of European Armament Cooperation has been conducted at the EDA, providing first basic information about innovative means and methods to become more efficient in the development of common capability, while saving resources at the same time.

The European Armament Cooperation Awareness Level course is a joint project of the EDA, the ESDC and Austria. It will be followed by the Expert Level course at the end of November in Maribor, Slovenia.

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