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EU allocated €15.5 million to improve Ukraine's public administration

14/08/2018 - 14:11

Based on the progress achieved by Ukraine in public administration reform (PAR) in 2017, the EU decided to provide more assistance to Ukraine in this crucial policy area. €15.5 million was authorised for disbursement to Ukraine's 2018 state budget out of a total of EUR 90 million committed by EU to support the reform. This allocation follows the first tranche of EUR 10 million which was made available in May 2017.

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Ukraine has committed itself to a comprehensive public administration reform (PAR) process. In 2016, a new law on civil service entered into force and the 2016-2020 PAR Strategy was adopted. They laid the foundation for a sustainable reform process aimed at bringing more effectiveness, efficiency and accountability into Ukraine’s public administration.   

For the implementation of this crucial reform, the EU provides €104 million assistance within a special program, including EUR 90 million for budget support which is transferred directly to state budget and EUR 14 million for technical assistance which is used to provide advisory services to government institutions involved in PAR.

Following the assessment of Ukraine’s 2017 progress report on PAR, the EU decided to disburse further €15.5 million of budget support. This assistance is linked to Ukraine’s performance in a number of indicators, including coordination in public administration reform, introduction of Reform Staff Positions, improvement of human resources management and reorganization of public administration.

"Through this decision to transfer €15.5 million of EU funds to Ukraine's 2018 state budget we recognise tangible progress made by Ukraine in implementation of the public administration reform. This particularly concerns establishment of a well-performing PAR coordination framework at political and senior civil service levels, transparent and merit-based recruitment to reform staff positions, launch of a pilot phase of reorganisation in 10 ministries, as well as conceptual work initiated in the areas of policy making and general administrative procedure," - Thomas Frellesen, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, said.

The current implementing year remains very challenging. The Government is expected to deliver on a number of strategic tasks to continue PAR successfully and in a sustainable manner:

  • to carry-out a comprehensive review of the PAR Strategy and its Action plan in line with the conclusions of the OECD/SIGMA baseline measurement of Ukraine's public administration;
  • to improve Government's procedures, strategic planning and policy making frameworks;
  • to  start practical implementation of the rightsizing plan of public administration, as well as to improve the salary system of civil servants;
  • to compete reorganisation of 10 pilot ministries and launch this process in other ministries in line with the Concept of optimization of central public administration bodies;
  • to adopt the law "On general administrative procedure".   

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