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EU hosts event to raise awareness on GDPR

25/07/2018 - 11:12
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EU hosts event to raise awareness on GDPR

In view of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that entered into force on the 25th of May this year, the EU Delegation hosted an event today to raise awareness and foster a better understanding about this topic.  Key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRAN), Business Sector, financial institutions (e.g. Deloitte), media, NGOs and the Law Society of Namibia attended the workshop.  

A presentation on GDPR was given, followed by a panel discussion to address for example how Namibian companies may be impacted by GDPR and what they can do to ensure compliance or adherence to this new regulation.  In general stakeholders' opinion converged that it would be better to "upgrade" or strengthen existing legislation and rules already  in place,  instead of trying to implement two sets of data protection legislation and rules, which would be costly and cumbersome.  Furthermore Namibian stakeholders, especially from the business sector responded that GDPR is in the personal interest of Namibians, so companies and economic operators should implement data protection measures when using EU citizens' data as well as Namibians' data.  EU Ambassador to Namibia, Jana Hybaskova in her address emphasized the importance of looking at the benefits and opportunities GDPR offers and how to move forward.  "Another key element in data protection and regulation is  mutual trust - that if an individual gives his or her data it will be used responsibly. This can only enhance business operations.  Furthermore, we have moved from affirmative consent to active consent, which is a substantial change in data management" Ms Hybaskova stated.


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