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Strategic Planning for CSDP Civilian Missions

20/07/2018 - 14:14
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From 9 to 13 July, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria, the Finnish Ministry of Interior and the Finnish Crisis Management Centre (CMC) hosted a course on strategic planning for CSDP civilian missions in their respective permanent representations to the EU, under the auspices of the European Security and Defence College.

During the five day course the civilian and military participants had the opportunity to improve their understanding of strategic planning for CSDP civilian missions. The first two days were focused on theory, with sessions by speakers from the EEAS and the Commission within the spirit of the EU integrated approach.



In addition to presentations on the planning procedures for CSDP missions within the EU's crisis management structures, the participants were also given an overview of the non-CSDP EU instruments in the field of external relations of Freedom Security and Justice (FSJ) including for example migration. To integrate a human rights and gender perspective in CSDP was also emphasised.



In order for the participants to have a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning for EU crisis management missions, the next three days were dedicated to an in-depth exercise based on the scenario of a crisis emerging in the fictitious state of Ramna. First, the participants had to analyze the Ramna crisis with the help of conflict analysis tools (conflict causes matrix, conflict tree, stakeholder analysis, etc.). Then, the working groups had two days to plan a CSDP civilian mission in Ramna by drafting a fictitious crisis management concept.



The exercises were consulted with strategic planers of the EEAS and the results presented to an expert panel with excellent outcomes.