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MIAGI Orchestra Summer Concert - 11, 12 July 2018

04/07/2018 - 12:10
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Lets celebrate 100 years Nelson Mandela

Be the Legacy – South African Youth Orchestra Touring Europe

In 2018 the European Union is celebrating the Year of cultural heritage. This coincides with the momentous occasion of the centenary of Nelson Mandela, where the legacy of South Africa's first democratically elected President is celebrated as a symbol for democracy, humanity and reconciliation across the world.

It is in this context that the EU Delegation to South Africa is supporting the MIAGI (Music is a Great Investment) youth orchestra on its legacy tour to Europe. MIAGI has partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and produced a Nelson Mandela legacy concert, which the organisation will be showcasing in Europe. Starting this week the youth orchestra of close to 100 skilled young musicians from various backgrounds will hold concerts in Germany (with the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg being sold out already), Switzerland, Italy and Austria. The European Union is proud to support the hosting of two concerts that are taking place in Belgium on 11 and 12 July.  The first will take place at the European Parliament, the second at the BOZAR concert hall. This comes only weeks after the European Development Days, which also took place in Brussels, where the celebration of the heritage of Nelson Mandela was set a central theme.

The Civil Society Organisation MIAGI promotes music as a capacity building tool for South Africa's youth generation, supporting particularly young talents from disadvantaged backgrounds. For more information on the entire MIAGI touring schedule, see here.

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