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CEUMC official visit to CHINA

Bruxelles, 22/06/2018 - 09:52, UNIQUE ID: 180622_5
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At the invitation of the Member of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) and Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff Department under the CMC, General Li Zuocheng, the Chairman of the European Union Military Committee (CEUMC), General Mikhail Kostarakos, paid an official visit to China, from 15th to 20th June 2018.

The official meeting with General Li Zuocheng, on the first day of the visit, was a valuable opportunity for the high-ranking EU military official to share views on issues of mutual interest.

The Chairman of the European Union Military Committee had also the occasion to meet and discuss with the Head of the EU Delegation in China, Ambassador Schweisgut, as well as the EU Defence Attachés and the non-EU Defence Attachés and Heads of Mission.

In the framework of his visit, General Kostarakos also visited the PLA Information Engineering University Luoyang and the PLA National Defence University, where he gave a speech on: "The European Union as a Security Provider and the Role of the Military".

Further, the Chairman of the European Union Military Committee visited the China Institute of International Strategic Studies (CIISS) and had a roundtable discussion with its scholars.

In the framework of the China-EU Strategic Agenda for Cooperation, in the field of Peace and Security, this official visit was a further evidence of the "EU and China commit to enhancing dialogue and coordination at bilateral, regional and global levels, to meet regional and global challenges together, and work to make the international order and system more just and equitable."