European Union External Action

Global Tech Panel: Mogherini starts debate with tech leaders

30/05/2018 - 13:42

EU High Representative Mogherini is launching a Global Tech Panel (#GlobalTechPanel) to bring together leaders from the tech industry, representatives of the private sector, academia and civil society. The aim of the Global Tech Panel is to foster new types of cooperation between diplomacy and technology, and to start a genuine conversation about not just tackling the threats of the digital age, but also unleashing its potential to solve global problems together.

At its first meeting in Brussels on 6 June 2018, the Global Tech Panel will consider a range of global issues, ranging from new security threats and the weaponization of digital technologies, to harnessing connectivity for development and addressing concrete challenges of digital exclusion (see below full list of participants).  

The Panel does not claim to have the answers, but it does aim to start to ask the right questions. And to help bring together new coalitions that will can work together in a new spirit of practical, problem-solving collaboration.  This requires the right people around the table, one important reason why the Panel is conceived as an inclusive group that will evolve over time.

"Foreign policy today is no longer a matter for diplomats and policy-makers alone. As humans, we have navigated previous periods of tumultuous change. We can take advantage of the huge opportunities offered by technology, and at the same time counter the emerging challenges posed by technology. I hope that the Global Tech Panel can be part of that effort" said the High Representative.