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EUAM Ukraine: ‘Leading the Change’

07/05/2018 - 10:17
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How does one become a great leader? That was one of the questions raised during the opening of the EUAM programme, ‘Leading the change’, in Kyiv last week, when 24 staff from the Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Police, Security Service, Fiscal Service, Border Guard Service, Ministry of Justice, and the Secretariat of the National Security and Defence Council, came together to consider the reforms needed in the country.

EUAM Ukraine: ‘Leading the Change’


The 24 professionals, selected from over 200 applicants, heard the Head of EUAM, Mr Kestutis Lancinskas, deliver a presentation on his experience in various senior positions. Mr Lancinskas said there were no easy steps in a time of change, because “all success, all the changes, depend on people. When people are not motivated, you can’t change anything. You can change the name of the service, you can change the motto, but nothing will be changed until people change their mindset.”

All success, all the changes, depend on people
"All success, all the changes, depend on people", the Head of EUAM Kestutis Lancinskas reminds the participants

‘Leading the Change’ is part of EUAM’s Good Governance support to Civilian Security Sector agencies. The programme focuses on public policy, change management, innovative thinking and planning skills. It also aims to raise awareness of the relevant managerial practices in different areas of responsibility, foster the use of EU best practices and train participants on cross-cutting issues (such as strategic communication, human right and democratic decision-making).

“Setting up closest cooperation possible between state and society and changing the paradigm of decision making, when policy making is built on the needs of society, would be crucial in developing the state,” says one of the participants Vadym Nakipeliy, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Through ‘Leading the Change’, EUAM also hopes to build a community of practitioners who share a common vision for the reforms needed in the Civilian Security Sector.

EUAM Ukraine was launched in July 2014 to assist the Ukrainian authorities towards a sustainable reform of the civilian security sector through strategic advice and hands-on support for specific reform measures based on EU standards and international principles of good governance and human rights. The goal is to achieve a civilian security sector that is efficient, accountable, and enjoys the trust of the public.