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Statement by the Spokesperson on the appointment of a new government in Guinea Bissau

Bruxelles, 28/04/2018 - 11:50, UNIQUE ID: 180428_24
Statements by the Spokesperson

The appointment of an inclusive government, headed by consensual Prime Minister Aristide Gomes, the reopening of the National Assembly, and the announcement of legislative elections for November 2018, are major steps towards the resumption of a normal functioning of the State institutions in Guinea Bissau and the preparation of the new electoral cycle.

Mediation efforts by the Economic Community of Western African States have been essential in the intense negotiations between political stakeholders to contribute to a way out of the long-lasting political crisis.

Now is the time to consolidate political and institutional progress, have a programme and budget for the government presented and discussed in the reopened National Parliamentary Assembly, and start preparations for the legislative elections.  

We encourage all stakeholders to engage in this new opportunity for the recovery of democratic normality, Rule of Law and institutional stability. With that purpose, we stand ready to collaborate with the authorities of Guinea Bissau for transparent and inclusive legislative elections on18 November 2018.

The EU will maintain its engagement and coordinated action with international partners, especially within the P5 group - the United Nations, the African Union,  ECOWAS, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries - to promote stability, democracy and development for the people of Guinea Bissau.

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