Mogherini said she believes "it is evident to all that the only way to put an end to the suffering and the dying of so many Syrians, and by the way the only way to avoid that the Syrian crisis further spirals into a wider regional or global confrontation, is to put all the pressure on the parties, and mainly on the Syrian regime, to come to Geneva with meaningful intentions for negotiations."

The High Representative – who met on Sunday with UN Special Envoy for Syria De Mistura - reminded everyone how the EU has been consistently backing the United Nations' efforts to have a peace process, trying to facilitate meaningful negotiations.

It was the Syrian regime, she said,  that was reluctant in entering into meaningful negotiations in Geneva.  

"We clearly call upon in particular Russia and Iran to exercise their influence on Damascus to start serious and meaningful discussions under UN auspices in Geneva," Mogherini said.

"As you know, we have always made it very clear: we are ready to start planning financing for the reconstruction of Syria. It needs an enormous amount of resources, but this will come only - only - when a political process is firmly under way under UN auspices in Geneva," the High Representative said.  

"The economic leverage is definitely there, but most of all is the humanitarian one, because people are suffering, people are dying, and I think all the international community has to take responsibility for stopping this.