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After two years: Pre-Deployment Training enjoys a constant rise

20/02/2018 - 12:21
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With the adoption of the new 'EU Policy on Training for CSDP' on April 3 2017, appropriate training became mandatory for the deployment of all staff, including seconded and contracted personnel. Since then, the popularity of the monthly Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) has risen and there has been growing acceptance of the concept by Member States.

After two years, the ESDC can point to the success of this initiative:

  • The number of course participants has been increasing constantly and continues to do so. This goes for seconded as well as for contracted personnel.
  • The number of Member States sending participants to the PDT is rising, as reflected in the increasing number of nationalities present at the training courses.
  • 90% of course participants deploy shortly after attending the course or are sent by their respective mission/operation shortly after having taken up their duties.
  • PDTs are being attended by military, police and civilian participants alike, thereby perfectly reflecting the reality on the ground and also the civ/mil paradigm of the ESDC for all training activities.
  • As a highlight, the ESDC hosted two operation commanders (EUTM Mali and EUTM CAR) as course participants.
  • Two years after its launch, the PDT has become a mature product receiving the full backing and support of all the relevant institutions.
  • The overwhelmingly positive feedback of course participants confirms that the ESDC's Pre-Deployment Training courses are well designed and have a positive impact on the performance of CSDP engagements.

22 participants from 12 countries attended the 22nd pre-deployment course in Brussels.

The 22nd Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) took place from 6 to 9 February 2018 in Brussels and was conducted in cooperation with the Romanian National Defence University (NDU).  22 participants from 12 countries – Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom – took advantage of this opportunity for an enriching exchange of experiences and perceptions accompanied by lively and interactive discussions and exercises.

Ms Irene-Maria Eich (on the right) with the course participants in front of the ESDC premises.

The next PDT will take place from 6 to 9 March 2018 in Brussels and will be hosted by the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy / AIES.

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