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Press release on the meeting between the High Representative/Vice President Federica Mogherini and the UN Secretary General António Guterres

Kuwait, 13/02/2018 - 21:16, UNIQUE ID: 180213_12
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The High Representative/ Vice President Federica Mogherini met today with the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres. The meeting took place in the margins of the International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq. Both acknowledged the importance to provide substantial support to Iraq in this critical juncture.

High Representative Mogherini and UN Secretary General Guterres discussed on a number of issues of common interest on which the EU and UN closely cooperate. 
They notably exchanged views on the Syria crisis, and both stressed on the primary role of the UN led mediation process.  They also discussed their common work on the Middle East Peace Process, notably within the Quartet, and the need to provide continuous support for UNRWA's critical work. 
They touched upon the implementation of the JCPOA, as well as the situation in Libya and in the Korean Peninsula. Finally, they discussed on the G5 Sahel, also in view of the upcoming High Level Conference in Brussels on 23 February.