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Cyber-Security and Defence Course for Senior Decision-Makers

29/01/2018 - 15:14
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'In 2010, the STUXNET worm pushed the boundaries of what was conceived as possible for cyber-threats and provided evidence of the threat to infrastructure.' This example was given at the beginning of the seminar to raise participants' awareness that even a system that is not connected to the internet can be vulnerable to cyber-threats.

The high-level seminar, addressing generalist senior leadership, was conducted in Hamburg at the German Führungsakademie on 17 and 18 January 2018. It brought together 24 participants of 14 nationalities, both military and civilian, some of them more generalists and some already specialising in cyber-security. The course was run by the European Defence Agency under the auspices of the ESDC, supported by RAND Europe and Vedette Consulting. The overall aim was to encourage understanding of the complexity of cyberspace, the complexity of the threat landscape and the measures to be implemented in cyber-defence.

The high-level cyber training was conducted in Hamburg at the German Führungsakademie.

This pilot activity was an important event for the ESDC, as it made it possible for more knowledge to be gained on this important subject as the network develops to play a more significant role in this area of training. During the seminar, a mix of presentations and exercises was used to help the participants achieve the identified learning outcomes. After thorough evaluation, this course will be handed over to the network, with the possibility that it will be included in the ESDC portfolio as a regular course.

Family picture of the course on 'cyber security and defence for decision makers'.