European Union External Action

Joint Communication on elements for an EU strategy for Iraq

08/01/2018 - 08:22

The Iraqi people, their Government and their armed forces, with international support from the Global Coalition against Da'esh have successfully ended Da'esh's effective territorial control in Iraq. The country has suffered years of conflict, since 2003 and before, but Da'esh's acts of terror from 2014 onwards have been the most gruesome manifestation of internal violence so far. Iraq now needs to seize the renewed opportunity it has to build an inclusive and accountable political system that serves all communities, regions and beliefs, preserves the country's diversity, and enhances its democratic order. This is essential to rebuild trust between the people and their Government and to avoid a return to divisive sectarianism and separatism. The EU in particular has a vital interest in making sure that Iraq emerges from the crisis stronger.