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EU EOM Honduras 2017: 40 short-term observers arrive to Honduras to reinforce the EU Election Observation Mission on the ground

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 24/11/2017 - 23:40, UNIQUE ID: 171124_24
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A second group of 40 short-term European observers arrived on November 21 to Honduras to reinforce the European Union Election Observation Mission. This group will join a Core Team of 9 experts based in Tegucigalpa and 22 long-term observers, who are working in the field for the last five weeks. A total of more than 100 observers will be deployed across the country on election day. The Chief Observer, Member of European Parliament Marisa Matias, arrived along with the short-term observers in her second visit to the country.

Short-term observers will receive an intensive two-day training in Tegucigalpa on electoral, legal, political and media content, before meeting with the long-term observers in different departments of the country.   

A delegation of the European Parliament and representatives of the diplomatic corps will join the MOE UE two days before elections.

During her second visit to Honduras, the Chief Observer will travel to several departments, rural and urban areas across the country. Marisa Matias explained that “with the arrival of the short-term observers, the MOE UE will enhance its observation across the country on election day. We will be present in the opening of polling stations, following closely voting, counting, tallying and the results process”.

The MOE UE will present its first conclusions in a preliminary statement during a press conference that will take place on November 28, two days after elections, in Tegucigalpa.


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