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Statement by HR/VP Mogherini on the situation in Yemen

Bruxelles, 21/11/2017 - 14:01, UNIQUE ID: 171121_17
Statements by the HR/VP

Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the situation in Yemen

Access of humanitarian and commercial goods to large parts of Yemen - where most of the population is concentrated - has now remained blocked for two weeks, despite the opening of sea and airports under the control of the Government. This is having a dramatic impact on the delivery of life-saving assistance and an ever deteriorating situation on the ground.

While fully recognising the serious security threat incoming from Yemen, it is our firm belief that hindering vital humanitarian access to the Yemeni population that is already on the brink of famine and subject to a spreading cholera outbreak will not effectively address these security concerns.

Restoring immediate and full humanitarian and commercial access to Yemen, as provided under International Humanitarian Law, is urgently needed. The protection of the civilian population and civilian infrastructure needs to be treated as a priority by all parties.

The current escalation in the Yemeni conflict is undermining the prospects of a political settlement, which is the only sustainable solution. It is therefore urgent to increase efforts by all sides to resume the UN-led negotiating process, which the EU remains committed to fully support.