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BOMCA bought new passport readers for border guards

EU continues to provide support for border security initiatives in Central Asia. As a part of the technical equipment provided in the region, a videospectral comparator REGULA with total cost of EUR 45 700, was purchased and handed over today to the State Committee of Border Protection within the EU-funded Border Management in Central Asia Programme (BOMCA).

The comparator equips border guards with a technical tool to perform advanced checks of the documents. New reader is able to analyse encoded information embedded in the document, conduct automated verification of document, examine materials used for document production, determining the quality and types of printing, special paints and other protective elements. Uniqueness of Regula Videospectral comparator is based on the fact that equipment has integrated chip reader. The device provides a high-quality digital image and able to process, save and archive the images.

Provision of the technical equipment is supported by strengthening of the relevant skills.  Since 2015 the Programme has conducted two national and two regional Trainings of trainers on document security, thus strengthening skills of the national training experts in identification of the forged and falsified documents.

On 20-21 November 2017 the representatives of Regula Company will conduct training for end-users how to operate and know all functional capabilities and maintenance issues, so that the users are capable to independently maintain the equipment in the future.

The first BOMCA operations in Central Asia began in 2003 and, since then, BOMCA has strengthened the partnership between Central Asian Governments in the field of border management. The European Union allocated a sum of EUR 40.8 million to BOMCA for the period of 2003 – 2018, out of which almost EUR 5 million were assigned to its 9th implementation phase (2015 - 2018).

For more information, please visit web-site or contact Ms. Zulfiya Sibagatulina, BOMCA National Coordinator for Uzbekistan –






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