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Western Balkans: ESDC remains committed

13/11/2017 - 15:06
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In autumn 2017, the three-module CSDP training programme for Western Balkan partners took place in Brussels and Tirana. Altogether, about 60 participants attended all or part of the training. Austria and the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) of the European Commission were the hosts for the 11th cycle.

Petteri Taitto

This training programme was tailored to Western Balkan beneficiaries, respecting regional diversity and promoting a comprehensive approach (diplomatic/civilian/military/police). The ultimate goal remains the same:

  • to establish a strategic community that is knowledgeable about CFSP/CSDP issues, and therefore
  • to contribute to the institution-building process in the margins of a common European security culture, and
  • to support partners with regard to the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation.

Gustav Lindstrom
Dr. Gustav Lindstrom, the newly elected Director of the EU-ISS in Paris, supported the ESDC training activity in Tirana/Albania.

Since the creation of the CSDP training programme for Stabilisation and Association process (SAP) partners in 2006, a group of EU Member States (Austria, Croatia and Hungary), together with their partners in the region, have planned, designed and conducted this tailor-made ESDC training activity together and therefore ensure that training needs and requirements are met.

The CSDP training programme 2017 concluded in Tirana with a reflection seminar, which was supported by experts from the ESDC network, namely the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (Dr Arnold Kammel), the Laurea University (Mr Petteri Taitto), the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (Dr Gustav Lindstrom), NOVA University of Lisbon (Dr Ana Isabel Xavier) and Bristol University (Dr Ana Juncos).

Jochen Rehrl
Learning in a relaxed atmosphere: The seminar participants visited some cultural sites at Durrës (Archaeological Museum).

Background: Since 2006, Austria, Hungary and Croatia have been providing a tailor-made training programme for the Western Balkan region. The programme consists of three modules: the first module is a elearning course, which provides basic knowledge of the Common Security and Defence Policy; the second module is a regular CSDP guidance course, which is held in Brussels and gives a good overview of CSDP from a structural and procedural point of view; the third and last module is held in an interactive seminar, which allows the students to apply the knowledge gained during modules one and two.