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ESDC welcomes 600 students in Kyiv

10/11/2017 - 17:04
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The '3-in-1' approach allowed around 600 officials from the Eastern Partnership countries and EU Member States to follow three different training events within one week. The 'European week' in Kyiv was conducted for the fourth time in a row at the National Defence University of Ukraine. A regular CSDP orientation course formed the basis and was supplemented by a conference (Monday/Tuesday) and a seminar (Wednesday).

The ESDC was once again welcomed by Ukraine with 25 experts from its network partners. Prof. Sven Biscop (Egmont Institute) gave an overview of the current state of affairs regarding the EU's Global Strategy and its implementation. His presentation was complemented by a lecture from Ambassador Marc Franco, who spoke about the process and possible outcomes in relation to the 'divorce' between the EU and the UK.

Conference facility at the Ukrainian National Defence University in Kyiv.

The students were also informed about several current threats and risks for CSDP and its partners, such as hybrid threats, cyber-security, migration and terrorism. Dr Jochen Rehrl, course director and training manager at the ESDC, tried to sum up all these challenges by providing an in-depth briefing on the 'integrated approach'. He focussed on the multi-phase, multi-dimensional, multi-level and multilateral approach and highlighted the structures and procedures established within the EU institutions and the European External Action Service.

Jochen Rehrl Hermine Poppeller Hugues Mingarelle Viktor Tarasov
Reception: Amb. Hermine Poppeller, Dr. Jochen Rehrl, Amb. Hugues Mingarelli, MajGen Viktor Tarasov

The training was interactive, with students participating in a conflict analysis workshop run by two renowned experts from the Irish Kennedy Institute, Mr Sean McGearty and Mr Kieran O'Dwyer. Another highlight of the week was an information session with a white-hat hacker, who informed the participants about the risks in cyber-space and gave some live demonstrations, for example of how easily a phone can be hacked.

Vira Grygorenko
A white-collar hacker informed the participants about the risks in cyber-space and gave some live demonstrations.

After the official ending of the 'European week', the National Defence University of Ukraine declared its intention to become an Associated Network Partner of the European Security and Defence College in the near future. In addition, the course director and the visiting experts were invited to return in October 2018 for the fifth edition of the '3-in-1' CSDP event.

Christof Dallermassl
Mr. Christof Dallermassl, cyber security expert and founder of '43bits'