European Union External Action

EU EOM Honduras 2017: Long-term observers, essential work for the Mission

The important assignment that the long-term observers perform is essential for the core team based in Tegucigalpa. Before beginning their tasks, the observers follow a two-day training in the capital on electoral, legal, political context and media issues related to the general elections. 

On Wednesday October 24th, the 22 observers traveled inland to begin assigned work, but before traveling, long-term observers Egerin Esico and Peter Kramer shared some impressions. "We have to conduct many interviews. We are going to see the whole process", said Esico.

"Many of the observers involved in the current Mission also participated in the 2013 EU Election Observation Mission and have now shared their experience with us. The experience is very interesting", said Kramer.

Long-term observers will assess the campaign period, election day and will come back to Tegucigalpa few days after elections.