European Union External Action

Statement by the Spokesperson on the prolongation of sentence for Mikalay Dzyadok, political prisoner in Belarus

Bruxelles, 30/04/2015 - 10:53, UNIQUE ID: 150430_02
Statements by the Spokesperson


"The decision by a Belarusian Court to extend political prisoner Mikalay Dzyadok's prison term by one year for allegedly violating prison rules and the rejection of his appeal is deplorable. Mr Dzyadok was due to be released on 3 March 2015. The prolongation of his sentence sheds doubts on the motivation that led to this decision.
The importance the EU attaches to the question of political prisoners in the context of EU-Belarus relations remains unchanged. We call on the Belarusian authorities to reconsider Mr. Dzyadok's sentence, to release him immediately and to release all other remaining political prisoners."