European Union External Action

Press remarks of the High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini at the UN Human Rights Council, Geneva

Geneva, 03/03/2015 - 23:20, UNIQUE ID: 150303_06
Statements by the HR/VP

Good afternoon everybody,

Let me start by saying that it's really a pleasure having the two flags here in the back. The EU and the UN flags, in particular in these days when we reflect on the common roots of our commitment to Human Rights. As I had the chance of saying in the Council , respect for Human Rights is at the core of the beginning of the experience of our Union, the European Union, our History; especially the dark pages of our History are telling us that this is the only way to solve crises, to overcome crises and whoever thinks in these difficult days that security and stability can be built without full respect of Human Rights, without full respect and promotion of Democracy, is on the wrong path.

Actually full respect of Human rights, promotion of Human Rights and inclusive and democratic societies are the only way to guarantee full security and full stability for our people. So our common work of the European Union with the UN system is to strengthen the respect of Human Rights everywhere in the world especially in these difficult times of crises all around us.

Let me say few words on the fact that not far away from here, in Montreux, in these very hours, very important negotiations are ongoing. As the UN Security Council resolution says, the EU role is the one of facilitating the talks and let me say that it is going well. We are fully committed to facilitate a deal that is a good deal and we also say to everybody, to all those that could have doubts, that we will not have a deal if it's not a good deal - which means to be completely sure that the nature of the Iranian nuclear programme is fully peaceful. And this is the direction in which all our efforts are going. I just talked on the phone with US Secretary of State John Kerry, I am going to talk to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at the end of their negotiations today - so later this evening.

Let me say that the European Union is supporting this dialogue and talks at all levels, with full commitment and dedication, because we know that our security for the years to come is linked to the results of these very important negotiations. Let me also stress the fact that especially in these hours where we are approaching result, it is not useful, for the sake of the negotiations themselves, to publicly discuss details, partial details of what is described as news of a deal: the deal is not done until it is done.

We are working very hard to get a good deal for everybody and we will not accept anything that is not a good deal but this requires trust, this requires serenity, this requires the seriousness of talks which are partially highly political but also partially very technical;and spreading fears is not helping at this stage. What we are working at is a deal that can guarantee the security, not only of the region but of the entire world. Thank you