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Statement by the Spokesperson on Lesotho's National Assembly elections on 28 February 2015

Bruxelles, 03/03/2015 - 23:03, UNIQUE ID: 150303_02
Statements by the Spokesperson

After months of volatility the people of Lesotho have cast their vote for the election of a new National Assembly on 28 February.  They have done so in a peaceful, orderly and dignified manner, as stated in the statements released by international observer missions.

Lesotho's Independent Electoral Commission prepared and ran these elections in a professional manner and the various civil society groups showed a critical engagement throughout the election process.

The EU calls on all actors to accept the election results to be announced.  Any possible challenges should be pursued in accordance with Lesotho's legal framework.

Lesotho can now look ahead.  The good conduct of the elections should inspire the tone for the post-election stages leading to the formation of a new government. 

The EU commends the vital role that SADC has played in facilitating the political agreements among Lesotho stakeholders that enabled these snap elections.  We look forward to continuing close coordination with SADC and other international and national partners in supporting Lesotho to take forward sustainable reforms in the political, security, public sector and economic domains that are needed to address the challenges the country faces.

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