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Welcome to the new academic year 2017/18

30/08/2017 - 16:51
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The new academic year of the European Security and Defence College will start on 1 September. The first course of this academic year will be launched on 4 September: a CSDP orientation course which will be run as part of the CSDP training programme for the Western Balkan region, hosted by Austria and the European Commission.

The new academic year will once again offer around 100 training and education activities in the field of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. All classroom training will be supported by the eLearning system, which features over 30 autonomous knowledge units (AKU).

Half of the courses, seminars and conferences will be conducted in Brussels, while the other half will be held in locations around Europe or in partner countries (such as those in the Western Balkan region or members of the Eastern Partnership, but also further away, such as in China or South America). The vast majority of these activities are organised by recognised ESDC network partners, which are certified institutions from EU Member States. Some are provided by the ESDC itself and/or by the EU institutions.

There are also some pilot activities planned for 2017/18, including:

- Cyber security and defence for decision-makers;

- Disaster relief in the CSDP context;

- Hostile environment and awareness training (HEAT);

- Safety and security awareness training;

- CSDP Training Programme for the Middle East/Northern Africa (MENA) region.