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ESDC honorary fellow Professor Sven Biscop decorated

Prof. Biscop was presented with the award by the Austrian Ambassador to the European Union, Dr Walter Grahammer, and the Austrian Military Representative, General Günter Höfler. The latter concluded his presentation speech by stating: 'I personally know Sven as an excellent speaker, a recognised academic expert and a fine colleague, in whose capable hands Europe, and in particular the Common Foreign and Security Policy, can move forward to great achievements. In addition to his admirable professional qualities, he is a much-loved son and husband, with a good sense of humour and excellent social skills.'

Jochen Rehrl Sven Biscop Günter Höfler Christian Käfer
Award ceremony: Mr. Christian Käfer, Dr. Jochen Rehrl, Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop and General Günter Höfler


Prof. Sven Biscop obtained his degree in Political Science at Ghent University (Belgium) in 1998, winning the best thesis award for his work on European defence. Subsequently awarded the Paul-Henri Spaak PhD scholarship of the Fund for Scientific Research – Flanders, he defended his dissertation in Ghent in 2002, published as Euro-Mediterranean Security: A Search for Partnership (Ashgate, 2003). Prof. Biscop is currently the director of the 'Europe in the World' programme at the Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels, which he joined in 2002, and a professor at the Ghent Institute for International Studies (GIIS) at Ghent University. His research and teaching focus on the strategies of the European Union, NATO and their Member States. In 2015, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Sven was made an honorary fellow of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC).