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27 new political advisors for CSDP missions/operations

26/07/2017 - 16:18
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On 23 June 2017, the sixth cycle of the Advanced Course for Political Advisors came to a close at the National Defence Academy in Vienna. Twenty-seven out of 30 students completed the three-module ESDC training event, which was conducted by Austria, Belgium and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

After having received CFSP/CSDP basic training in Brussels (February) and skills training in Geneva (May), the PolAds-to-be were placed in an exercise scenario, in which they had to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the previous two modules. The exercise scenario was built upon the MULTILAYER exercise, which included country reports, intelligence analyses and (peace) treaties. The first task was to extract the useful information from  all available documents, including the Political Framework for Crisis Approach, the Crisis Management Concept and the Council Decisions taken to establish and launch an operation.

Based on the MULTILAYER exercise scenario, the course participants accomplish their mission within small working groups.

The practical work for the future PolAds was enriched by legal, political and gender advisors from various regions sharing their experiences in the field. The course programme also offered a broad spectrum of interesting panel discussions, group exercises and presentations on current challenges facing the EU, such as migration, terrorism, politics and international law, and protection of civilians. A trip to the military-historical museum of the Austrian Armed Forces and then on to a Viennese Heurigen, a wine tavern offering traditional food from Austria, ended the tour.

A 'Heurigen', a wine tavern with traditional Austrian food, facilitated the networking between the course participants.

Congratulations to all of the new political advisors. The next application phase for the 7th Advanced Course for Political Advisors will start in November 2017.