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Ukrainian decoration for a member of the ESDC Secretariat

26/07/2017 - 16:06
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Dr Jochen Rehrl, Chair of the eLCIP board configuration and training manager in the ESDC Secretariat, has been awarded the 'Commendation For Merits' by the Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Stepan Poltorak. He received this award on account of his achievements in the field of training and education activities at the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defence University of Ukraine.

Jochen Rehrl Award Ceremony Ukraine National Defence University

The European Security and Defence College supports the EU Eastern Partnership (EaP). Within the EaP panel on the Common Security and Defence Policy, each year the ESDC provides an orientation course, a CSDP conference and various seminars. Over the past few years, around 1 500 Ukrainian police/military officers, civil servants and diplomats have been trained in European security and defence issues.

Dr Jochen Rehrl is the training manager responsible for these events. He organises, administers and conducts the activities as Course/Conference/Seminar Director and maintains close contact with his Ukrainian counterparts.

H.E. Dr. Werner Fasslabend and Dr. Jochen Rehrl
Colonel Yurii Pryzyhlei, Dr. Werner Fasslabend and Dr. Jochen Rehrl


Dr Jochen Rehrl obtained his academic degrees at the Universities of Salzburg and Vienna and the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. He graduated in law, economics, political science and journalism. His doctoral theses dealt with 'Austria's neutrality and NATO'. He is a reserve officer of the Austrian Armed Forces and worked as a civilian in various roles in the Ministry of Defence and Sports, mostly dealing with security and defence policy. He has worked in Brussels for both the EU and NATO. Since 2012, he has been working for the ESDC Secretariat in the field of eLearning, Cyber Security and Internet Performance. He is also responsible for the regional training programmes covering the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership and the Middle East/Northern Africa.