European Union External Action

Langganan intisari berita dan info penting

01/01/2016 - 14:16

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The EEAS sends to your mailbox two different products: 

  • Alerts for the press: an e-mail is sent every time a new statement is published on the EEAS website.
  • Newsletters: form time to time you will receive an update from a Delegation or about a specific subject.

Registrations to the EEAS website are managed via EU LOGIN (formerly known as ECAS, European Commission Authentication System)

On the top-right corner of any page of the EEAS website you can:

  • LOG-IN  if you already have an EU LOGIN account (also from another EU website or application)
  • SIGN-UP to create an account on EU LOGIN, that can be used on a number of EU websites and applications.

Once LOGGED-IN to the EEAS website you can access your account and edit your profile, including profile information, picture, subscriptions to newsletters and alerts.

When registered to the EEAS website the user account is automatically set to receive alerts for the press.

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