European Union External Action

Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini following the adoption by the United Nations Security Council of Resolution 2270 (2016) on the DPRK

The unanimous adoption by the UN Security Council of Resolution 2270 (2016) is a clear expression of the unity and resolve of the international community to uphold the global non-proliferation regime and to target DPRK's illegal nuclear, WMD and ballistic missile programmes and its ability to finance them. 

The DPRK's actions earlier this year are a grave threat to international peace and security in the region and beyond. 

The EU will swiftly transpose this resolution into EU law and will consider whether additional autonomous restrictive measures are called for to complement this Resolution.

The DPRK must abide by all its international obligations and the Government of the DPRK needs to re-engage in a credible and meaningful way with the international community, in particular in the framework of the Six-Party Talks.

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