European Union External Action

Closing Ceremony: CSDP Training Programme for EaP 2017

In this seminar, the participants  were able to apply the CSDP knowledge gained in the previous two modules - an eLearning module and a CSDP orientation course. Four experts from EU member states helped lead the discussion and shared their personal experience. The topics covered in the seminar included the EU Global Strategy/Sven Biscop, Capability Development/Herbert Sailer, Integrated Approach/Ana Juncos, Migration/Lucia Yar and Counter-Terrorism/Arnold Kammel.

Herbert Sailer, Arnold Kammel, Sven Biscop, Jochen Rehrl, Lucia Yar and Reinhard Trischak

Representatives from Austria, Lithuania, Moldova and the European Union opened the seminar. On behalf of the ESDC, the programme director, Dr. Jochen Rehrl, thanked the organisers for their continued support, in particular those experts who had made the journey to Chisinau and had stayed there to help run the  4 day seminar.

Reinhard Trischak, Andrei Galbur, Jochen Rehrl, Pirkka Tapiola and Aleksa Karolis

The seminar was overshadowed by heavy snowfalls, which resulted in a state-of-emergency (incl. the closure of the airport) in Moldova. Despite delays, all the participants were able to return home in a reasonable time-frame thanks to the assistance of the Moldovan authorities and the work done by Ms. Vira Grygorenko from CECOFORMA, the service provider of the European Commission.