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Spanish CSDP OC in Madrid

25/04/2017 - 15:56
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The Spanish Centre for National Defence Studies, CESEDEN, with the support of the ESDC Secretariat, held a "CSDP Orientation Course" in Madrid from 27 to 31 March 2017. The course was a resounding success and was attended by 45 trainees from a range of Member States, EU Institutions/Agencies and EU Delegations. The Course Director, Colonel Narciso Cayetano, led the training activity and hosted the debates.

In addition to the core topics covered in any other orientation course, there was interesting input on NATO-EU cooperation, including

- a lecture on non-duplication of capabilities (CN.D. Rafael Arcos Palacio), which reviewed the different roles and the complementarity of NATO and the EU;

- a panel discussion on communication in operations and missions (Ms Evangeline O’Reagan Ms Mariela Rubio, Mr David Corrales, Mr Borja Díaz-MMrs Paula Pérez Cava) in which professional journalists provided an insight into how they cover CSDP missions and operations and on their rapport with the personnel deployed.

Commander  D. Isidro Carrara Navas gave a lecture on EU Maritime Security. He singled out "EUNAVOR SOMALIA/Op Atalanta' as a particularly good example of an EU operation with excellent results for the EU and the protection of the area from pirate attacks.

The next Orientation Course will be held in Brussels from 15 to 19 May and will be run by the Romanian National Defence College.