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“Engagement, win-win solutions & global rules” key to global stability - Mogherini

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"We all have the impression to live in times of global disorder, when instability seems to spread from one corner of the world to the other." said EU High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini in a speech "Europe and Asia - building a Cooperative Global Order" and discussion with students at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Federica Mogherini was speaking to students at the end of her visit to China referring to the 30 years of the Erasmus programme and the fact that "300 students and Professors have moved between China and Europe in the last two years alone."

During her speech, the Mogherini drew attention to how the conflict in Syria can "destabilise the whole world" and, "everyone understands that a crisis with North Korea would have global fallout."

She stressed the need for all of us, and particularly for global powers like the European Union and China, to engage: to engage constructively in world affairs, the need to look for win-win solutions, and the importance of rules, and of building a rules-based global order.

Isolation cannot solve any of the issues of our time, said Mogherini. "No crisis is far enough in a globalised world – a world of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles, where terrorist groups recruit across continents through the internet. There are no boundaries, there is no far-away place in the world of today."

She stressed the importance of the EU and China working together: "I believe both the European Union and China have a global responsibility of engagement to play. We, the European Union, are increasingly active as a global security provider. It is of great importance, for instance, for us to be an international witness to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement in Myanmar, just like China is. It is a great honor that comes also with great responsibility. Even if it is a faraway place – because we know that this concerns also our security and the stability of the world. So we must both use, China and the European Union, our influence on all parties to stay engaged in the peace process, and to safeguard everyone’s human rights."

The High Representative then moved on to the importance of working together for a "win-win" situation internationally.

Mogherini told the students: "In his speech in Davos, President Xi also talked about the need for an international model based on win-win cooperation, at a moment when – I quote – “mankind has become a community of shared future.” This was also the original intuition – the dream – of our founding fathers and mothers of the European Union".

In this context Mogherini commended the role of China in reaching the deal with Iran and the importance of diplomacy. "I think especially, in these days and hours, about what we have achieved together when it comes to the nuclear program of Iran. If you think of what the international community, united - including the very positive and constructive role that China has been playing and continues to play on the implementation of the agreement - has managed to achieve: after decades a nuclear agreement that was not only achieved but also implemented and certified five times by the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] as fully implemented by all sides. It is something quite remarkable. We will continue as the European Union and I believe as China – especially after my talks in these days – to make sure that the deal is fully implemented and respected by all sides, because this is of crucial importance for the security of the world."

The High Representative emphasised that the cure to current disorder is a cooperative global governance based on rules. "There is a tendency today within our own societies, including in Europe sometimes, to see rules as a constraint more than a guarantee.", she said. "Rules are the framework within which a society can work. International rules and guarantees, in particular, are not a threat, but again an element of certainty for everyone."

She emphasised that: "In other cases, we need to expand and enlarge the current system of rules. For instance, on nuclear issues. The Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty has provided us with the most effective monitoring system for nuclear tests in human history. And we have seen the added-value of it exactly when it comes to the recent developments in the Korean Peninsula."

She concluded by saying: "We are global powers with global responsibilities – responsibilities that I believe we can fulfil if we work together. I have to tell you that these two days of meetings here have been extremely reassuring for me in terms of seeing a common ground for further cooperation in this direction between the European Union and China."

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