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EU election observation mission to Maldives in 2014

25/03/2014 - 16:36
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Following an invitation from the Maldivian Elections Commission, the European Union established a mission to observe the elections to the People's Majlis, which was scheduled for 22 March 2014.

The EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) was led by Chief Observer Mr Eduard Kukan, a Member of the European Parliament from Slovakia and former Minister for Foreign Affairs.

In addition to the Chief Observer, the EU EOM had a Core Team of five experts who were joined by four Long-Term Observers (LTOs) on 9 March. Some 20 Short-Term Observers (STOs) were deployed around election day, including a group of observers locally recruited from EU member states' embassies in Colombo.

The mandate of the mission was to observe all aspects of the electoral process and to assess the extent to which the elections comply with international and regional commitments for elections, as well as with Maldivian law. The EU EOM worked independently to offer an impartial, balanced and informed analysis of the elections. All observers remained neutral and worked under an internationally accepted code of conduct for election observation. The EU EOM operated in accordance with the "Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation" adopted in 2005 at the United Nations in New York.

Election observation is an important part of the EU's policy of promoting human rights and democracy throughout the world. In the last decade the EU has deployed more than 100 EOMs. The findings of EU election missions are based on verified facts following an analysis of all technical aspects of the organisation of elections.

Shortly after election day, the EU EOM issued a preliminary statement on its initial findings. A more comprehensive final report, including recommendations for future elections, was published two months later, at the end of the electoral process.