European Union External Action

Statement by the Spokesperson on the recent developments in Venezuela

Bruxelles, 30/03/2017 - 21:16, UNIQUE ID: 170330_15
Statements by the Spokesperson

The recent rulings of the Supreme Court of Venezuela are calling into question the constitutional powers of the National Assembly and restricting the parliamentary immunity of its members, who were democratically elected by the people of Venezuela.

The European Union recalls that full respect of the Constitution, democratic principles, rule of law and separation of powers is crucial for the country to achieve a peaceful outcome to the current difficult situation and to regain political stability.  

It is therefore of paramount importance to establish a clear electoral calendar and to respect the National Assembly and all its members, as foreseen in the Constitution.

The government of Venezuela must work together with all national actors and institutions within the constitutional framework, and in full respect of the human rights and fundamental freedoms, to address the many challenges the country is facing.