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European Union External Action

Nauru and the EU

Key instruments

ACP-EU Partnership Agreement

EU support has focused on addressing the population's basic energy needs: aiming to provide renewable energy, promote energy efficiency/self-sufficiency, and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Development cooperation

In 2014-20, EU funding of €2.4 million – through the European Development Fund – will concentrate on the energy sector:

  • energy efficiency / renewables – building on successful EDF initiatives so far
  • support measures – including activities supporting the programming, preparation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and visibility of EU-Nauru cooperation.

Nauru will also benefit considerably from regional funding under the forthcoming Regional Indicative Programme for the Pacific, which is likely to focus on:

  • regional economic integration, including trade-related assistance
  • sustainable management of natural resources
  • governance, support for non-state groups and capacity building.

Funding may be complemented by operations financed by the EIB, through the:

 Funding for 2014-20 under the EDF


Indicative funding

As a % of the total

Energy efficiency/renewable energy

2 160 000


Support measures (technical assistance to NAO, technical cooperation facility, audit, evaluation)

240 000



2 400 000


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