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Marshall Islands and the EU

26/05/2016 - 19:12
EU relations with Country

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is composed of 29 atolls and islands with a population of 53,178, more than half living on the main island and capital, Majuro. It has few natural resources, apart from fisheries

Key instruments

ACP-EU Partnership Agreement

Key issues

  • Climate change (deterioration of coastal zones)
  • Sustainable energy supply
  • Need for clean water, particularly in the outer islands.  

Development cooperation
EU funding – through the European Development Fund – concentrates on energy supply, mainly through renewables and energy efficiency, with some additional resources targeting water and sanitation.

Past EU assistance

€11.4 million from the EU – in tandem with other donor programmes, especially from the US – has helped provide a clean and sustainable energy supply, mainly through solar power, for disadvantaged households (up to 2,000), schools (20) and health clinics in the outer islands.

By 20??, all households in the Marshall Islands will have access to electricity, with 37 percent from renewable sources.

EU funding was also used to help the government formulate a National Energy Policy and Strategy

Current EU assistance

This also focuses on energy, aiming to achieve universal access to modern and sustainable energy services through specific initiatives in the outer islands that increase energy efficiency and the share of renewables.

Other sectors

  • public finance management
  • economic development and accountability
  • civil society (to increase participation in policy dialogue by non-state groups).
  • gender issues – support provided to implement the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

    In line with the Agenda for Change, the funding for this issue could be increased through regional or thematic schemes, in partnership with the UN or other development partners.

Funding for 2014-2020 under the EDF


Indicative funding

As a % of the total

Renewable energy & energy efficiency

8 000 000


Measures in favour of civil society

400 000


Support measures (technical assistance for NAO, technical cooperation facility, audit, evaluation)

700 000    



9 100 000


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