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Niue and the EU

26/05/2016 - 16:03
EU relations with Country

Niue is a self-governing state that has a close relationship (a 'free association') with New Zealand, which includes citizenship for Niueans as well as considerable aid.

Key issues

  • small population, under 1,700
  • isolation, both within and outside of the country
  • lifestyle diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes
  • vulnerability to natural disasters (droughts, cyclones)
  • vulnerability to climate change.

Key instruments

ACP-EU Partnership Agreement – offers trade and aid advantages with the EU

Niue National Strategic Plan – targeting social and economic development.

Development cooperation

Current EU assistance

EU assistance – €300,000 in 2014-20 under the European Development Fund – will concentrate on the energy sector:

  • renewable energy – building on successful initiatives, for renewables production and energy efficiency.
  • support measures – including activities supporting the programming, preparation, implementation, monitoring/evaluation and visibility of EU-Niue cooperation. And possible support for Niue's National Authorising Officer to ensure effective management of the aid under the country's EDF National Indicative Programme.

Other key areas

  • sustainable economic development
  • environmental protection

Regional integration

Niue continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to regional integration.

It will also benefit considerably from regional funding under the forthcoming Regional Indicative Programme for the Pacific, which is likely to focus on:

  • regional economic integration, including trade-related assistance
  • sustainable management of natural resources
  • governance, support for non-state groups and capacity building.

Funding may be complemented by operations financed by the EIB, through the:

Funding for 2014-2020 under the EDF


Indicative funding

As a % of the total

Renewable energy/energy efficiency



Support measures (technical assistance for the NAO, technical cooperation facility, audit, evaluation)






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