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17/03/2017 - 13:53
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The main task of the European Security and Defence College is to 'provide training and education in the field of the Union's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) in the wider context of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) at European …'. Besides the generic CSDP training activities, the ESDC offers several leadership courses. One of the highest-level leadership courses is the Senior Mission Leader's Course, which targets future Mission and Force Commanders.

Major-General Friedrich Schrötter is an alumnus of the ESDC and is currently deployed as Force Commander to EUFOR ALTHEA, the European Union's operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On Wednesday 15 March 2017, he visited Brussels to brief the EU Military Committee on that mission and to give his assessment of the situation. In the morning he briefed the press corps on the state of affairs.

MajGen Schrötter during the press briefing

Since 2004 EUFOR, on the basis of its executive mandate under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, has been responsible for the implementation of the military Annexes to the Dayton Peace Agreement. The Force has  contributed to the maintenance and stability of a Safe and Secure Environment in BiH and has helped to promote a climate in which the peace process can continue.

In the meantime, responsibility for many of the tasks has been handed over to the local authorities in accordance with the principle of 'local ownership and in line with BiH's path towards EU membership. Nevertheless, EUFOR retains full responsibility and the authority to take back control, if the situation so requires.

EUFOR provides MINE RISK EDUCATION in schools.

One of the tasks for which   EUFOR remains responsible is 'training and education'. Alongside training in military skills and leadership, EUFOR has organised a wide  range of capability-enhancing training events including dismantling and delaboration of surplus and outdated ammunition, deployability and mobility, disaster relief operations, road construction, flight operations, flight safety and communications security. Furthermore, in 2016 the AFBiH were able to declare eleven units  operationally ready, and  eight of the units completed NATO Evaluation Level 1 in May. For 2017, AFBiH, supported by EUFOR, will be preparing these units for  NATO Evaluation Level 2.

Dismantling and delaboration of surplus and outdated ammunition in BiH.

In addition, EUFOR supported the regional training programme of the ESDC (conducted by Austria, Hungary and Croatia), which targets strategic decision-makers in the administrations of the Western Balkan partners.

Dr. Jochen Rehrl (course director for the CSDP TP SAP 2016) and Major-General Friedrich Schrötter (COMEUFOR ALTHEA)

MajGen Schrötter underlined the importance of a common European security culture and the role of the European Security and Defence College in further deepening it. 'Training and education are key for the long-term success in conflict affected areas', concluded COMEUFOR.