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Remarks by HRVP Mogherini at the informal meeting of Ministers for Development Cooperation

Bruxelles, 16/03/2017 - 14:01, UNIQUE ID: 170316_11

Remarks by the High Representative / Vice-President Federica Mogherini at the informal meeting of Ministers for Development Cooperation

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Good morning, today we have an important meeting - informal meeting - with the Development Ministers focussing mainly on Africa. We will discuss our EU-Africa partnership starting to prepare for the upcoming EU-Africa Summit we will have in November and I will bring our discussions today to Addis Ababa where I am travelling tonight together with Commissioner [for International Cooperation and Development, Neven] Mimica.

We will tomorrow meet the new African Union Commission, the leadership and will start working with them on strengthening our common work on many different fields: eradicating poverty, fighting climate change, working on development, on migration, on security, on peace, on so many things we do together. The European Union has started this powerful work of partnership with our African friends and I am convinced this is going to be one of the key elements of our future work as well.

With the Development Ministers we will also discuss the new Consensus for Development the European Union is shaping up. Consensus is there, so I expect that in the coming months, we will have this new basis for a new way of doing development from the European Union side. We are the first donor worldwide so whatever we decide in this field has an impact for the entire world and brings an added value in every single corner of our planet.

We will also have an update on migration. I will update ministers on our partnership frameworks, our migration compacts, but also we will look ahead with the External Investment Plan mobilising up to EUR 44 billion for investments - private investments - in Africa aimed at the Sustainable Development Goals.

So, this is the agenda for today and I will also have the pleasure today to meet the President of The Gambia [Adama Barrow] - an important meeting for me. I am happy to welcome him here in Brussels and we will work how to strengthen our support and our partnership also with this country and its leadership.

So, a full agenda, but the most important thing I would say is this impulse we've given to the European Union African Partnership that is inaugurating, really, a new way of working with Africa that goes beyond development only and works also on other fields from digital to energy, recognising each other as full partners and working together.

Thank you very much.


Q: We need to comment the Dutch elections.

HR/VP Mogherini: No, I would not comment, I never comment on national elections in member states. I just think it's a good day for Europe, it's sunny, it’s a good day for Europe.


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