European Union External Action

Empowerment of Syrian refugee and host community youths in Lebanon

02/02/2017 - 00:00


This project aims to contribute to the sustainable empowerment of Syrian refugee youths living in Lebanon and particularly to enhance the professional capacities and life skills of Syrian refugee youths. Through vocational and technical training, work-related experience, personal development activities and psychosocial support, Syrian refugee youths will increase their access to the labour market and enhance the life skills needed to help rebuild their country in the future.


The expected results are the following ones by the end of the 2-year implementation:

  • 1 500 (50% female) Syrian refugee youths took part to in vocational and technical training by the end of the 2-year project.
  • At least 450 Syrian refugee (50% female) youths had a work-related learning experience.
  • 1 500 Syrian refugee youths (50% female) developed their personal skills and acquired a satisfying level of information and capacities in conflict resolution, communication, rights, and health.
  • 150 individual cases (serious or related to mental health diseases) were referred by the psychologists to the appropriate institutions.
  • At least 4 250 Syrian refugee youths gathered (50% female) for psycho-social group activities and interacted within their communities.
Programme name
European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)
EC’s priorities
EU as a Global Actor
EU Budget contribution to the project
EUR 913 938
AMEL Association, Lebanon
Project location
Wata el MousaytbehLebanon
2013 to 2015