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ESDC: training for Political Advisors

23/02/2017 - 14:49
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A total of 29 participants from 18 different EU Member States attended the first module of the 6th Advanced Course for Political Advisors. This is one of the leadership courses organised by the European Security and Defence College. The Egmont Institute (Belgium), the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and the Austrian National Defence Academy are once again hosting this event.

The present or future political advisor will receive training on EU strategies, policies and concepts, as well as specific training in skills and competencies. During the final module in Vienna the knowledge acquired will be applied in an exercise simulating a real mission environment.

The Advanced Course for Political Advisors was held in the new ESDC meeting room.

The first module was held in Brussels from 13 to 17 February 2017, using the new meeting room of the ESDC at 115 Avenue de Cortenbergh for the first time. High-ranking officials, such as the Chairman of the EU Military Committee, the Director General of the EU Military Staff, the Director of the Crisis Management and Planning Directorate and the Director of the Intelligence and Analysis Centre presented their organisations and shared their views on the roles and responsibilities of a political advisor. Colleagues with field experience gave an insight into the political advisor's daily work. The training concluded with some talks about regional and horizontal CSDP issues.

Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop, General Esa Pulkkinen (DGEUMS), General Mikhail Kostarakos (CEUMC), Director Gabor Iklody (CMPD) with Dr. Jochen Rehrl (ESDC)

The Advanced Course for Political Advisors consists of three modules. All participants have to provide a prior Personal Security Clearance, allowing them to access classified information. Many alumni of this ESDC leadership course hold senior positions in CSDP missions and operations.

Module I: Framework for Political Advisors (Brussels, 13-17 February 2017)

Module II: Skills for Political Advisors (Geneva, 2-5 May 2017)

Module III: Working in the field (Vienna, 19-23 June 2017)

Family Picture of the Advanced Course for Political Advisors 2017