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Belize and the EU

17/05/2016 - 17:34
EU relations with Country

EU relations and cooperation with Belize are carried out both on bilateral and regional and basis, the latter within the framework of the on-going EU-CELAC and EU-CARIFORUM dialogues.

Belize is part of a number of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) – European Union (EU) partnership agreements. This started in 1982 when the country signed the second of four Lomé Conventions and continued with the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement, the so-called Cotonou Agreement .

This accord brought about a new era of economic cooperation between the EU and Belize. It promotes sustainable development and poverty reduction, and forms the basis of EU-Belize cooperation. 

As a member of the CARICOM and the CARIFORUM Group of Countries, Belize is part of the CARIFORUM - European Union Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

Belize also participates in the EU- CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) summits that take place every other year.

Trade between Belize and the EU has, over the years continually increased.

Belizean exports to the EU is mostly duty free quota free as a result of the CARIFORUM – EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) that was signed in October 2008.

Today the EU is the main provider of grant funding to the Belize, with funds increasing significantly in recent years.

The European Development Fund (EDF) is the main source of development aid for Belize.

Other funding sources include:

There are many ongoing development projects in Belize, which are making a real difference for the Belizean population. 

Through its European Consensus on Development it is clear that the EU is encouraging all parts of society to play an active part in shaping the futures of their countries.

In Belize, under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), various stakeholders such as  Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the private sector, and farmers have come together to discuss upcoming projects. An example of this partnership can be seen in the Belize Rural Development Program (BRDP) II.

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