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Wealth from waste in Northern and Artic marine regions

14/10/2016 - 00:00

Creating wealth from waste in Northern and Arctic regions. The Circular Ocean project encourages local enterprises in remote northern coastal economies create smart new industries from plastic marine waste to revive economies and keep the environment clean.

The stunning coastlines of the Northern Periphery & Arctic region have traditionally supported strong fishing communities. But times are changing. The industry is on the decline, while plastic fishing litter threatens wildlife and fishing boats.

The EU-funded Circular Ocean project has stepped in with support to develop smart ‘green’ industries from old plastic fishing nets and ropes. This represents 10% of marine waste and is a potential resource for many industries, and can be incorporated into products such as clothing and skateboards. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the project helps local social enterprises and SMEs put the litter to profitable use.

This creates a circular local economy in the plastics –waste from one business is used in another for a self-sustaining overall economy. Circular Ocean cleans up the environment, breathes fresh life into remote economies and makes more sustainable use of materials communities already import.

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