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The week that was: Solidarity in Paris, EU foreign policy in Dublin and Strasbourg, Turkey Prime Minister and Iran Foreign Minister

16/01/2015 - 00:00
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This week, the entire EU stood side by side with France after the attacks in Paris.

Mogherini at the EP; at Charlie Hebdo march in Paris; with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif

High Representative / Vice President Federica Mogherini travelled to Paris on Sunday to join the solidarity march #‎MarcheRepublicaine#‎JeSuisCharlie. The next day, during her visit to Dublin where she attended the Irish Ambassadors conference and met with the Foreign Minister and Defence Minister and civil society, in the presence of Mary Robinson, she took the opportunity to highlight that "What unites us in Europe is above all the commitment to the same fundamental values and freedoms. We share this commitment with partners around the globe […] We are not facing a fight between Islam and Europe, or the West. We are facing a terrorist threat against everyone. Christians, Jews, Muslims and people that have no religious affiliation. And we are facing this fight all together."

From Tuesday to Thursday, she attended to European parliamentary affairs on foreign policy in Strasbourg. In the Plenary, she reiterated her message of unity and solidarity in the wake of the Paris attacks and outlined upcoming EU foreign policy priorities. She also expressed concerns and discussed possible solutions for the crisis in ‪Libya and led a debate on the Ukraine crisis. She also took the opportunity to meet with a delegation of the European Jewish Congress.

Her week concluded with a joint meeting with Commission President Juncker and Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu, as well as a discussion with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif.

Prime Minister Davutoglu emphasised the importance of regular contacts between Turkish leaders and Presidents Tusk, Juncker and Schultz, to fully reflect the strategic importance of the EU-Turkey relationship and the two sides' common interests. The two sides addressed questions relating to the rule of law, freedom of expression and respect of beliefs. In light of the Paris terrorist attacks, both sides reaffirmed their determination to defend these values, including freedom of thought, expression and of the media.

With Minister Zarif, the HRVP discussed the Iranian nuclear talks and agreed that time cannot be wasted in view of an agreement. "We affirmed our strong commitment to a diplomatic solution which would fully address international concerns about the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear issue. Negotiations have to be brought to a conclusion in line with the agreed time", said Mogherini. The High Representative and the Iranian Foreign minister also discussed a wide range of topics, from human rights to the major regional crisis in the Middle East. They also talked about regional dynamics.