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Mogherini: "EU-Nato cooperation crucial for the continent"

21/11/2016 - 17:55
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High Representative Mogherini intervened at the conference on "The Future of EU-NATO Cooperation" - hosted by the Polish Permanent Representation in Brussels – to present the European Union's ongoing work on security and defence . "For the first time ever, we have a joint EU-Nato agenda and we are implementing it. And on the European side, for the first time ever we are moving towards a real European Union of security and defence" she explained.


In her intervention she discussed the most recent developments. She advocated for a European Union that can take responsibility for its own security. "I know there are some, both in Europe and America, who are worried today about the future of NATO and of the future of the Trans-Atlantic bond. I believe there is one safe pathway, to preserve a healthy relationship between the two shores of the Atlantic. We must all accept our responsibilities and we must all invest on cooperation at the international level, multilateralism and in ruled based world order – as we defined it in the EU Global Strategy."

The High Representative went through the latest decisions and explained the next step. "We have an ambitious agenda to present to the Council on the 6th of December" she said while describing the three key elements of the defence and security package:  the EU Global Strategy Implementation Plan on Security and Defence, the implementation of the EU-NATO joint declaration signed in Warsaw in July 2016, and the Commission's European Defence Action Plan to be presented in the next weeks.

The European region is surrounded by multiple crisis in the East and in the South. Instability in Europe calls for a better security, argued Mogherini: "For many European security has become a top priority. Threats have multiplied, and they have changed in nature. We cannot simply hide behind our borders: it wouldn’t be coherent with our history and our values of solidarity. It simply would not work. We must engage with the world, starting with our region. And we must engage with all our power – the power of a Union of half a billion citizens."

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