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EU determined to keep working with the US and playing a crucial role in the world

09/11/2016 - 17:51
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EU determined to keep working with the US and playing a crucial role in the world - Mogherini

The European Union will continue its close relationship with the United States, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini said today following the US Presidential election.

“The ties between Europe and America are much deeper than any political term, and we will have the responsibility to bring this forward and to make this work,” Mogherini said in interviews. “Second, Europe has to re-discover its strength and even its greatness in this moment, when the world will be looking at Europe much more than it has done in the past.”

“My impression is that also transatlantic attention on Europe will grow. We will have to be able to live up to this responsibility, establishing good institutional ties with the new US administration when it comes in", she added.

The High Representative pointed to the work the EU has done with the outgoing administration on regional crises and global issues such as climate change, the sustainable development goals, and the Iran deal. She underlined that the interests of the European people and the Americans are very much the same, and that the space exists for the EU to play an even larger role in world affairs in the years to come.

“What I see is always that the European Union is much more appreciated from the outside than from the inside. Maybe this is the right chance for us to realise the power we have, the role we should play, and this can be based only in a united, confident European Union."