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Meet with Sister Naikene & Sister Cecilia

08/03/2016 - 11:02
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Created the Rodrigues Student Needs Association (RSNA) Rodrigues, Republic of Mauritius

"If new opportunities and finance were provided to Rodriguan Women, incredible results would be achieved in various sustainable fields and poverty eradication."

What led you to create the Rodrigues Students Needs Association?

In the year 2006, following several visits to vulnerable families in Rodrigues Island, we understood that there were continuous academic failures in the region of Riviere Coco. Hence, we decided to set up the Rodrigues Student Needs Association in order to combat poverty through various education and self - esteem programmes especially for the slow learners and dyslexics . Initially, we conducted the classes in a small classroom built with corrugated iron sheets and wooden poles.

Tell us about your experience with the Decentralised Cooperation Programme. How has the Programme helped you?

In 2012, a project proposal was submitted following a Call for proposals under the Decentralised Cooperation Programme ( DCP ) for the education of 50 slow learners and dyslexics in Rodrigues. The project was accepted and was successfully implemented and completed. The academic results of the students improved considerably. With the good results, the demand for our classes increased from 50 to 120 students. Eventually, our classes became too small and inadequate for the students. We received new funding from the DCP in 2014 whereby we were able to improve the building infrastructure, increased number of staff from four to eleven which ultimately improved the success rate and self - esteem of the students. We introduced dance, music and computer classes which was new and interactive for the students.

Our association and students will never forget the help of t he DCP - EU funding and training. The different training helps us to write, monitor, evaluate and finally successfully complete our projects. The funding has also boosted our educational campaigns and motivated us to help more beneficiaries. We strongly recommend all women over the world to step up and seize the opportunities provided by the EU in order to eradicate poverty worldwide.

How can women be more empowered ?

We would like to add that if new opportunities and finance were provided to Rodriguan Women, incredible results would be achieved in various sustainable fields and poverty eradication.

  • The Rodrigues Students Needs Association (RSNA) has received a grant under the 10th EDF (European Development Fund) Decentralised Cooperation Programme .
  • The Decentralised Cooperation Programme (also known under its acronym DCP) aims at enhancing the capacity of Non State Actors to deliver projects that have an impact on poor communities' priority concerns related to poverty and access to resources.
  • Since 2006, the DCP has supported more than 125 projects undertaken by Non State Actors in the Republic of Mauritius. Projects cover several areas including education for the most vulnerable groups, fight against discrimination , and women empowerme.
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