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EU Ambassador Cautain highlights need for peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance at Message of Islam Conference in Islamabad

EU Ambassador Cautain addressing the Message of Islam Conference in Islamabad

Pakistan Ulema Council organised the 'Message of Islam Conference' in Islamabad on 10 February to convey a global message of peaceful coexistence from the leading Muslim scholars. With participation of renowned religious leaders from different faiths and sects, the meeting denounced all forms of extremism and violence. Chaired by the Grand Mufti of Palestine Al-Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Hussein, a huge number of scholars from various religions and sects took part in the debate. Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousaf, Leader of the House in the Senate Senator Raja Zarul-Haq and President of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Yaqoob were also present besides the members of the diplomatic community, think tanks, media and educational institutions.

The conference announced to act for eradication of terrorism, extremism, sectarian violence. It termed all those organizations anti-Islam and anti-Muslim world which are responsible for killings of innocent people and thus weakening Islamic countries on pretext of ‘Islam and Jehad’. Conference also condemned all terrorists’ organisations which attack at colleges, schools and educational institutes. In a declaration, conference noted that Constitution of Pakistan has categorically defined rights of all Pakistanis and any group, organization and minority cannot be authorized to impose their will on majority or minority of the population. In a declaration, the Conference denounced brutal attack of terrorists at Charsada University and said anti-education conspiracies of terrorists’ organizations are condemnable. 
Conference also assured non-Muslims all over the world that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and extremism and the elements that are fanning differences among believers of different religions and sects have their own vested interests; therefore peaceful elements of the world should play their role to avert these conspiracies.

Speaking at the event, EU Ambassador Cautain appreciated the initiative and referring to the European history highlighted the need for peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance. Ambassador Cautain also stressed the need for providing education to the children, employment opportunities for the youth, inclusion of women in all areas of socio-economic fabric and responsible role of the media. 
"It is equally important that religious leaders across the country in interactions with your constituency send the message that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and encourages the promotion of dialogue and tolerance with people of other faiths", said Ambassador Cautain.

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